Final Inspection and Material Testing

Size, shape and surface inspection:
Visual, upsetting samples, magnetic test - feroflux, magnetic test – circoflux, eddy currents


Core inspection:
mobile ultrasonic devices, ultrasonic head on inspection line


Material mix inspection:
spark test, spectral test, magnatest


Chemical analysis:
spectral, by burning (C+S), extraction (O2+H2)


Mechanical testing:
tension load, impact toughness, bending load, hardness (HB, HV, HRC), hardenability (Jominy test), machinability(test V15)


Metallographic testing:
sulphure print, macro etching, micro structure, non-metallic inclusions, grain size, decarburization, microhardness, micro and macrography, banded microstructure, blue fracture and segregation


Inspection and calibration of equipment and tools