Career at Štore Steel

We at Štore Steel are aware that investment in knowledge, competence and development of skills of our employees are the mechanism that enables us to be more flexible and to react quickly to market demands and to develop sales and after-sales services, which increase the product value for the customer.

In the field of human resources, we pay a lot of attention to people in the company as well as to the beginners, who are being introduced to their new posts. To gather new knowledge and develop competence, the company enables all the employees to join the various developing and educational activities within as well as outside the company.

To achieve that we carry out:

  • Annually planned education and training programmes, according to the company’s needs;
  • Work introduction programmes with help of mentors;
  • Education for intergenerational knowledge transfer and encouragement of intergenerational cooperation;
  • Measures for improving the organizational climate based on annual research of happiness at work;
  • Measures for staff development;
  • Measures for improving enthusiasm, motivation and loyalty of employees;
  • Co-financing studying;
  • Getting to know the company before employment by organising school excursions and work experience.